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20 Dicembre 2018
Partner ufficiale di Gardaland Park

Il parco divertimenti numero 1 in Italia, GARDALAND, ha aperto le sue porte il 1 ° aprile 2014. Segafredo Zanetti è da 20 anni il suo fornitore ufficiale di caffè.

22 Marzo 2018
TREK Switzerland Chooses Segafredo!

Segafredo Zanetti Distribution Switzerland has proudly been Trek’s sponsoring partner for over two years. Now Trek employees at the Swiss Headquarters in Dübendorf (Zurich) can enjoy the Segafredo coffee, “il vero espresso Italiano.” 

The San Marco full automatic Plus 7 espresso machine, available to TREK staff, is used to grind one of the best HO.RE.CA. blends of South American Arabica and Robusta beans to deliver an intense yet balanced coffee with a smooth and slightly sweet finish. 

Segafredo Switzerland is proud to deliver Trek employees the best coffee experience in the workplace!