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Piccolo trucco: può succedere che il caffè in tazza non sia sufficientemente caldo. Prova a far scorrere l'acqua nel porta-filtro come nel punto precedente. Poi, senza staccare il porta-filtro dalla macchina da caffè, aziona la resistenza del vapore fino all’accensione dell'apposita spia. Un modo semplice e rapido per aumentare la temperatura dell'acqua.

An Espresso prepared at the bar is the pinnacle of coffee, the form which exalts the taste and the fragrances to the maximum extent. Preparation of the Espresso is a real art. In order to obtain an excellent result at home we advise that you follow these rules:


1) The water quality: use mineral water instead of tap water. Tap water’s concentration of limestone may prevent the correct functioning of the machine and impact on the coffee quality. Every two months use the appropriate anti-limestone sachets for home espresso machines.


2) The correct dose: for every espresso cup you need 7 grams of Segafredo Zanetti coffee for an espresso machine. As a rule the measuring cup included in the machine corresponds to approximately 7 grams.


3) A bartender’s hint: once you’ve filled up the filter-holder, strike it gently on the table or on the inside of the hand in order to distribute the coffee powder evenly. Then press the coffee strongly using the supplied coffee tamper: a levelled surface is fundamental in order to fix a good Espresso.


4) The right time: the coffee has to come out the nozzle forming a continuous and even stream. Pay attention to the extraction time: if the coffee comes out too quickly try to press it with more intensity; in case it should come out very slowly check the pressure the other way.


5) An accurate maintenance: every time you prepare the coffee, clean away the powder remains of the former coffee from the filter, in order to avoid undesired coffee grounds and tastes. Once in a while let the water flow through the empty filter, just as if you were preparing a coffee. Before fixing another one wait for 2/3 minutes, checking that there is no water left in the filter-holder. Use this method also when you wash the filter-holder with tap water.

Small trick: sometimes when the coffee is in the cup, it isn’t hot enough. Try to let the water flow through the filter-holder just like before. Then, without removing the filter-holder, activate the steam resistance until the appropriate light turns on. This is a quick and easy way to increase the water temperature.